Changing the world for single mom families

What if I told you that you could change two lives?

Would you ask, "How?"

Become a member of our Dream team, a group of passionate monthly givers,

who are determined to end childhood hunger and change the world for single mom families.

Our Mission

is to invite you to walk alongside a single mom and decrease the loneliness and isolation she feels, to give her hope and encourage her on her student parent journey as she strives to become financially stable and have children who thrive.

Know a single mom but are you unsure how to help? Download our “How to change their world” pdf now.


Single moms do it all alone. They drop their children off at daycare or school, go to work, pick their children up, make dinner, help with homework, tuck them in to bed, to do it all again the next day and the next. And then, they are together all weekend. No break. No social life. No adult conversation.

Nearly half of single moms work minimum-wage jobs and are unable to pay all the bills. Hope for Single Moms uses a “teach-a-woman-to-fish” approach. With a better paying job, single moms can provide well for their children. With better food, children will grow better physically and do well academically. See graphs about poverty’s effects on children.

Hope for Single Moms has three single moms on their student parent journey. Meet the current courageous single moms of Hope for Single Moms, as well as our single mom success stories.

These women and their families need YOU to invest your time and resources to help them go back to school. By doing so you fight poverty and childhood hunger in single mom families. Learn more


Your resources of money and time set up programs that help change the world for single mom families. Changing their world starts with single moms having relationships with other single moms, which breaks their isolation and loneliness.

Because of donors like you, Hope for Single Moms has the following programs.

  • Single mom support groups at churches.
  • Study halls hosted at various locations.
  • Free career consultations. Schedule a consult.
  • A new client coordinator.
  • A financial advisor.

Because of donors like you, Hope for Single Moms removes the two greatest barriers to our teach-a-woman-to-fish approach. These are living and daycare expenses, which are paid directly.

Your donation of time directly to our moms gives them the family they may not have.

  • Mentor. Training available.
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring. Learn more.
  • Babysitting. Background check required.
  • Life assistance team and more.

Your donation of time helping the organization directly allows over 90% of donated money to go to the single mom families served. Off-site positions available.

Do you know a single mom?                                                                                                          See if she qualifies for our program.                                                                                                    Schedule a career consultation.


Hope for Single Moms is 100% donor-funded and volunteer-staffed. That means single moms NEED YOU!

Your donation makes up for their loss of wages while in school.                                            Become a supporter today!

Volunteer today. It’s like loving your daughter.

Contact your church about hosting a single mom support group, a single mom family activity or financially support a single mom success story.

Follow our families on their student parent journeys. Find out how you can encourage them.

In Single Mom Families:

are considered food insecure
With a majority of income going towards housing and childcare, little money is left over for things like food.
are at or below the poverty level
This is nearly five times more than the rate for married-couple families.
did not complete high school
Over half of their income is spent on housing and a third on childcare, leaving them with less money for educational expenses.
of total income is spent on childcare
This can increase or decrease depending on the age and amount of children in childcare.

News & Updates

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Extraordinary Results Begin Here

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Thank You!

Thank You!

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Hope for Single Moms Founder, Carla Ludwig

A Message From Our Director & Founder

We are honored you want to learn how to impact two generations today. At Hope for Single Moms, we believe children are our future, but not all children are set up for success. In nearly half of single mom families, children live in poverty and are hungry.  Hungry children can’t focus on school. You can change that.

Most single moms are making minimum wage. According the US Labor statistics, a woman can double her lifetime earnings by earning a post high school education. That’s how we help.

Loss of wages while in school and the cost childcare prevent many single moms from pursuing a career education. The road is difficult. School, homework, parenting, and life can be overwhelming.

Everyone needs help and encouragement at times. That’s where you come in! 

Become part of a movement empowering women. The ways you can make a difference are endless.

Join a single mom success story.

It’s like loving your daughter.

Signature, Carla Engel Ludwig
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