Changing the world for single mom families
with a career education

Scared? Overwhelmed? Lonely?

If this describes you, you’re not alone. Most single moms feel this way. Our goal at Hope for Single Moms is to change that.


Are you worried about paying your bills? A career education doubles your life time earnings. Find out if you’re ready to go back to school.


Our career consultation changes that. Together we will develop a plan to move you from poverty to prosperity. Schedule a career consultation. What’s that?


At Hope for Single Moms, we are determined that no single mom will walk the student parent journey alone. Your mentor and tribe (life assistance team) will help you with the challenges life brings your way.

What if you could change two lives!

You can!

It takes a team–a Dream team and a tribe— to walk alongside a single mom to decrease the loneliness and isolation she feels, to give her hope and encouragement on her student parent journey to financial stability.

Join a single mom success story!

It's like loving your daughter.

Want to help a single mom you know?

Hope for Single Moms has ideas on how you can help change her world. Download now!


A single mom success story

Leslie started her student parent journey with Hope for Single Moms while she was pregnant. She took one week off of school when she had her son. Two months later, she graduated with a certificate in medical coding and billing. Afterwards, Leslie got her associates degree online while working and taking care of Lincoln. She did it! You can, too!

Dr. Tom & Mrs. Cynthia Matelic

Single moms struggle with juggling work, school, daycare and a million other issues. This organization helps with all of that. Once a mom finishes school, she can get a much better, higher-paying job and thus, her children will thrive. That’s the point! We need to raise educated, happy children who will grow up and have their dreams come to fruition. Single moms should have assistance to be able to better their lives. This organization is a great start in order to help with our whole society.

Become a member of a Dream team! A group of passionate monthly givers, who are determined to end childhood hunger and change the world for single mom families.

Follow our families on their student parent journeys. Find out how you can encourage them.

News & Updates

Celebrating Courageous Moms

Celebrating Courageous Moms

Mother's Day is May 9, 2021. It is a day we honor our mothers, grandmothers and other significant women who have impacted our lives! Where would you be without her? Without them? Honor that special...

A virtual job interview! Now what?

A virtual job interview! Now what?

Going to a job interview in person needs different preparation than a Zoom job interview. You have the job skills. Otherwise, they wouldn't have contacted you for the interview. Now what about Zoom...

Are you looking forward to your tax return?

Are you looking forward to your tax return?

Taking care of a family is hard work and expensive. Making ends meet always seems to be the challenge, doesn't it? There are several areas of tax credits available for single parents that can help...

Hope for Single Moms Founder, Carla Ludwig

A Message From Our Director & Founder


Dr. Carla Engel Ludwig


We are honored you want to learn how to impact two generations. At Hope for Single Moms, we believe children are our future, but not all children are set up for success. In nearly half of single mom families, children live in poverty and are hungry.  Hungry children can’t focus on school.



Nearly half of single moms are making minimum wage. That doesn’t pay the bills, much less allow their children to thrive. According the US Labor statistics, a woman can double her lifetime earnings by earning a post high school education.



Loss of wages while in school and the cost of living and daycare expenses prevent many single moms from pursuing a career education. School, homework, parenting, and life can be overwhelming.



 Become part of a movement empowering women.

The ways you can make a difference are endless.

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