Did you respond to the title with, “I don’t have one!” Or, “Is there such a thing?” If so, this blog is for you!!

So, let me ask you a question. Why did you respond the way you did? It’s because you want to be the best mom ever for your kids. And let’s face it, being a parent requires a ton of focus, time, and energy. And if you’re a single parent, you’re parenting and working and doing it all on your own. Whether a married or single mom, you feel as though your only priority and focus should be on your children, don’t you?

If you’re a single mom, when you think about focusing a little time and energy on yourself, do you feel selfish…guilty for wanting more for yourself…frustrated at your situation…stuck? It’s okay to desire more for yourself. And that’s where Hope for Single Moms comes in. We want to help you reach your full potential and be in a job that is fulfilling and pays the bills. Not sure where to start. That’s where our career consultation comes in. We help you set some goals and form a plan to help you reach them. Start dreaming now! Then, take the next step and schedule a consult.

Not ready for school. You still need to do something for you…and away from the kids. Consider meeting with a friend once a month. Ask a family member or friend to babysit, but not at the last minute. Once a month is a good start. Or, try something new. More time for you makes you a better mom for them. Hope for Single Moms wants single moms to meet each other and establish relationships, build trust and create an opportunity for you to be able to exchange babysitting duties with each other (by agreeing to an ichat background check), so you can have some me time.

While I wasn’t a single mom, I did give up my career to stay home with my children. Staying home all day with six children to converse with was a blessing, but I felt guilty for wanting a little more intellectual stimulation for me. Somehow, laundry wasn’t totally fulfilling, no matter how hard I tried to make it so.

So what did I do to have a life outside of parenting? I did two things. One was a daily walk with my faithful fur buddy, Fritz. After all, a dog needs a daily walk and so did I! The other was serving as a volunteer with a nonprofit. If you’re like I was and looking for a little more intellectual stimulation and adult conversation in your life, consider volunteering with Hope for Single Moms. There’s a variety of ways you can do that. Check out the possibilities.

Regardless of your situation. all moms want to be the best mom they can be. Satan’s lie to you and me is that we’re lacking, that we’re not good enough! Believing the lie causes you to withdraw. Don’t believe the lie. You are a great mom! Taking a little me time helps you be the best mom you can be. So, count your blessings. Have a cup of coffee…or an ice cream cone. Go for a walk. Observe the world around you and be thankful for the beauty you see. And you’ll be better off for it!