Going to a job interview in person needs different preparation than a Zoom job interview. You have the job skills. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have contacted you for the interview. Now what about Zoom interview skills?

First of all, decide what you want to wear. Remember that you will be mostly seen from the chest up. Wear something you feel confident in. You will also want to focus on your hair and makeup. Number one is to have your skin radiate the excitement and enthusiasm you have on the inside. Make sure you use a brightening serum. Also consider an eyelash serum.

Once you decide on your clothes, makeup and hair style, look for a good place to sit for the interview. Make sure you have a good wi-fi connection. Look for a wall that has a complementary background color to you top. Do you have a blank wall to sit in front of? Do you need to remove a few things from the wall or from shelves on the wall? Make sure there is good lighting so the interviewer can see you.

Then practice in front of the laptop camera. What!? I know! We all hate to be in front of a camera or worse yet, to see ourselves on video. But do it! You can get a free account on loom.com. With a free account, you can record for five minutes. Then, play it back!

Ask yourself. Was I looking at the camera or elsewhere? Looking at the camera means you’re making eye contact with your interviewer. That’s right! Did you roll your eyes up or to the side when you were thinking about an answer? Look at the camera! And smile!

How many times did you say um? Ugh! Remember, you don’t have to fill in the silence while you’re thinking about an answer. Smile!

Go ahead and try it again! Think about some questions you may be asked during the interview. You can find suggestions on our Pinterest board Resume and Job Interview tips. Most of all, be yourself. Honesty and sincerity go a long way toward impressing your future boss. Skills can be taught. Attitude matters. And above all else–smile!

Photo credit: careerprotocol.com