I hope you had a great Independence Day.

The topic of independence, specifically economic independence, is something we talk about a lot at Hope for Single Moms. It is the goal we have for every woman/family in our program.  Since covid, we have seen an increase in women leaving difficult domestic situations with their children. Many of the women have two, three and even four children. They face an uphill battle when it comes to developing economic independence.

At Hope for Single Moms, our mission is to empower single moms to achieve financial independence by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to create stable, thriving families.

The ability of single moms to become financially independent is critical to helping their children thrive both physically and academically. This then allows them to reach their full potential and have a brighter future resulting in acceptance into college or trade programs. It also helps build stronger, more stable families when women can work during traditional work hours. All of us benefit when people have the resources they need to be successful.

So, while independence is on our minds, we invite you to support and spread the word about our program. Do you know a single mom who is hoping and trying to achieve the American dream and just needs a little support? Share this link with her. https://hsmgr.org/for-moms/  Our program offers:

  • Career exploration and certification opportunities within one year
  • Skill-building for better-paying jobs
  • Mentorship and goal-setting support
  • Confidence-building and life skills development
  • Networking with other single student parents
  • Access to area resources and financial support

For more details, share this link with her: https://hsmgr.org/for-moms/

Moreover, if you are looking for an impactful adventure this year and are interested in changing lives, consider joining our team. There are numerous ways you can contribute and make a difference. Discover more opportunities here: https://hsmgr.org/get-involved/

Together, we can help single moms achieve the American dream of economic independence, creating stronger families and communities. Your involvement and support are crucial to making this vision a reality.