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Hope for Single Moms is on a mission to ensure children in single mom families thrive. And we hope you will join us!

It happens with donors and volunteers remove the barriers and provide the support and encouragement single moms need to get a career education leading to economic independence.

Hope for Single Moms uses a teach-a-woman-to-fish approach. What that means is helping a woman get the education she needs to provide well for her children. Our program is for single parents who are full-time students in college or trade school. Our goal is to help these parents and their young children develop the educational and family life skills needed to achieve financial self-sufficiency.

Nearly half of the children of single mom families live in poverty. Poverty has lasting effects on a child’s brain development and long-term memory. With older children, going to school hungry makes it hard for them to focus. Your donations provide for the families immediate needs while on the student parent journey.

Family time and traditions are established during their time with us. A better-paying job means moms are home evenings and weekends. Families become stronger and more stable. The next generation is changed as a result and has hope for a better future.