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Hope for Single Moms is on a mission to ensure children in single mom families thrive. And we hope you will join us!

It happens with donors and volunteers removing the barriers single moms have to getting a career education.

Nearly half of the children in single mom families live at or below the poverty line. Hungry children can’t focus on school. Poverty and hunger solutions are complex. There is no quick solution.

Hope for Single Moms uses a teach-a-woman-to-fish approach. What that means is helping a woman get the education she needs to provide well for her children. And hopefully, reach her full potential. Getting a career education will double a single mom’s lifetime earnings. Well-fed children grow well physically and do well academically breaking the cycle of poverty.

Many single moms work multiple minimum-wage jobs, which doesn’t pay the bills. It also means they’re not home evenings. When a mom is able to work during normal business hours, she can be home in the evening preparing meals and helping with homework. She is home on weekends and we encourage our families to have fun together.

Hope for Single Moms’ program is comprehensive and individualized to meet the needs of each family.

An overview of our services includes:

  • networking with area social services and nonprofits serving low-income families. See life assistance resources
  • assisting with finances while in school and as a woman transitions into the workforce. This includes tuition assistance, books, uniforms, rent, utilities, daycare, auto (transportation) and food assistance. See education resources.
  • providing a network of support, including academic, financial, life — a mentor and life assistance team– emotional and spiritual.
  • providing community with other single mom who are also student parents or college graduates. We have a private Facebook page.
  • ensuring that each family has together time at meals, on weekends, and the finances for fun.
  • educational opportunities regarding budgeting and parenting.
  • celebrating birthdays, holidays and achievements on the student-parent journey.
  • hosting back-to-school, Christmas and Easter gift drives.


Our program includes digital downloads.

These include:

  • A free guide to starting a single mom support group + consultation. Get sgl mom support group guide.
  • Single mom career consultation
  • “Discover Your Career” curriculum. Learn more.
  • Mentor training. Free for HSM mentors. $10 to purchase for other use.
  • Peer mentor guide.
  • Single mom bible study. Learn more.
  • Life assistance team training being written
  • Workshops for churches and organizations with single mom support groups. Learn more.

We average six calls or emails of inquiry a month. However, many of these women are not in a position to take on the added role of student parent. To better ensure their success, we direct them to area resources. This includes reducing debt, going to counseling, having a stable housing situation and relatively reliable transportation.

Regardless of their readiness to be a student parent, HSM does a career consultation with any single mom who asks. This gives her a goal to reach for and the assurance that someone cares and will help her on the way.

The families we do work with come to us with a variety of challenges. We may help some achieve a stronger foundation, rather than refer them out.

Want to make a difference and impact two generations? Learn more about volunteer opportunities and donor and sponsorship opportunities.

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