For your children! For you? Wait! What?

It’s that time when children are preparing to go back to school. And yes, it looks like children will be in a physical classroom this year. How does that make you feel? I’m guessing it’s a mixture of relief and concern. Relief that you can get back to work without worrying about teaching your children or childcare. Concern about safety and just general mama concerns.

What are your kids feeling? Excited? Excited to see friends they may not have seen for over a year now. Excited to meet their new teacher. What will he/she be like? Perhaps there is a little fear if they’re going to start kindergarten, middle school or high school. And how do you feel about that? Your children are growing up!

Are you worried about affording school clothes, school supplies and field trips. In West Michigan, we are blessed to have a nonprofit that can help with school supplies, appropriately named, School Supply Santa.

As a mom who had six kids in eight years, even though I was married, getting six kids ready for school was still overwhelming. Sometimes it seems like they will never grow up. Eighteen years sounds so long! But all of a sudden, they’re taking driver’s ed, graduating from high school and are getting ready for college! Wait! Slow down, you think.

My advice as a seasoned mom…enjoy the moment. Live in today, not some time down the road when… Enjoy shopping for school clothes and supplies. Make it a fun family time. Take time to grab a snack together or some special treat, like ice cream. Ask them what they’re looking forward to and what they might be worried about. Start communicating in the good times, so they will communicate with you in the tough times.

And when you’re home and they’re in bed, sit down and think about the day and smile. And then think, ‘What about me?!’ Is it your turn to go back to school? Hope for Single Moms can help. Check out our for moms page.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash