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Single Mom Bible Study

Why can’t I find a good man? This is an eight or sixteen-sessIon bible study that answers this and other questions single moms ask from a biblical perspective. Each lesson comes with a leader’s guide script, coordinated power point presentation with notes and reproducible handouts for the moms. Minimal bible knowledge by participants and inconsistent attendance is assumed. Power Point is adaptable to your group’s knowledge and attendance.

Cost: $97.00
Study Length: 8 or 16 Lessons

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Lesson Titles

Lesson 1: Why can’t I find a good man?

Lesson 2: Why do I yell at my kids

Lesson 3: Why do I act like my mom?

Lesson 4: Why do I get so mad?

Lesson 5: Why can’t I say or do that?

Lesson 6: Does god really care about me?

Lesson 7: Why am I so dumb?

Lesson 8: Who am I?