Mother’s Day is May 9, 2021. It is a day we honor our mothers, grandmothers and other significant women who have impacted our lives! Where would you be without her? Without them?

Honor that special woman or those women with a donation to Hope for Single Moms. Carry forward her/their legacy of love and caring for others. When you do, you give a young single mom the opportunity to have a bigger and better impact in her child’s life.

  • Your donation gives a young mom the opportunity to get a career education.
  • Your donation gives her the opportunity to get a better job.
  • Your donation provides nutritious meals so her child grows.
  • Your donation breaks the cycle of poverty nearly half the children of single moms find themselves in.
  • Your donation helps children grow well physically and do better academically.
  • Your donation changes the world for a single mom family.

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