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Celebrating Courageous Moms

Considering your motherhood

Did you work when your children were young? Did you feel overwhelmed? You picked them up from daycare, came home, made dinner and cleaned up. Did you have time to play with them or help with homework before bed?

Now, think about studying and doing homework. Meet Brooke and Porter (left). Brooke will be parenting and studying as she prepares for a career as a dental hygienist. The dental hygiene curriculum is basically 8-5 for two years. Upon completion, she will be able to spend evenings and weekends with Porter. A two year sacrifice will result in long-term prosperity for them!

Become part of her tribe! What is a tribe? It consists of both her Dream team (of financial support) and her life assistance team, which helps her with the challenges life sends her way. Whether you donate time or money, you give her hope and encourage her on her journey to becoming financially stable.

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Help Brooke reach her goals for herself and for her family.

Your one-time or monthly donation

  • helps Brooke take the next step toward financial independence.
  • helps Brooke provide healthy food for Porter, so he will grow well physically.
  • helps Porter develop the foundational skills he needs to be successful when he goes to school. Data shows healthy children do better academically.

Are you willing to help Porter thrive? Are you willing to help Brooke reach her full potential? Then, change their world and donate.

The Goal: $4000!

Brooke needs $4,000 to cover tuition for the fall.
Donate and change the world for Brooke and Porter.

Thank you Meijer for your $2,000 donation!

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