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Discover Your Career is the first step in helping single moms move from poverty to prosperity

“Discover Your Career” has participants brainstorm career possibilities, school choices and financial resources to get on a path to financial stability.

Nearly half of single mom families live in poverty. This is because single moms tend to work minimum-wage jobs. The “Discover Your Career” curriculum is the first step to getting single moms off government assistance and  financially independent.

Are you a single mom? “Discover Your Career” can be done independently, one-on-one with a mentor or in a small group setting.

There are ten sessions. Wi-Fi and tablets needed.

You can order all 10 sessions and worksheets (complimentary power point included) for a suggested donation of $29.

All proceeds benefit single mom families in West Michigan.

Session One. Discover Your Motivation
Session Two. Discover Your Barriers
Session Three. Discover Your Likes
Session Four. Discover Careers
Session Five. Discover Education/Job Preferences
Session Six. Discover Your School Type
Session Seven. Discover Your Trade Program
Session Eight. Discover Your Winning Combination
Session Nine. Discover Your Expenses
Session Ten. Discover Resources

Sessions Three through Ten have worksheets.

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