Do you feel that there isn’t enough time in your day to get everything done? I think most people feel that way. So, why do some people accomplish more than others? How can you gain more time in your day?

Don’t be mad, but what if I told you to cut out social media! The quarantine didn’t help with that. But spring is here, summer is coming (someday) and life is a bit less restricted. You can get outside. Get together with some friends.

Sure, it is great to check up on friends on Facebook and Instagram, but you can also check in with them in person. So, how much time do you spend on social media? Do you mindlessly scroll? Do you click on ads? And suddenly, you’ve wasted an hour!

I know YouTube has a lot of informative videos, but as soon as you finish one, another pops up. Watch what you need to and get off YouTube!

And then, there are video games. They are time stealers, too. Limit how many you play or set a time limit. It seems to be a relaxing thing to do, but does it cause you more stress to be behind in your endless to-do list?

Smartphones are wonderful. They allow me to check my email when I’m traveling. But they can distract you from what you should/could be doing. They also isolate you from potential real conversations. So, how many apps do you have on your phone? Do you need them all? The less you have, the less temptations there are to sidetrack you from what you should be doing.

So, while you can’t add an hour or two to your 24-hour day, you can use your time better. Prioritize your to-do list. And yes, you can put social media time on the list. Put the smartphone down and get outside. Go for a walk by yourself. Yes, you can! Take the kids to a park. Play kickball with them and other kids in the neighborhood. Unless you’re caring for an elderly relative or friend, you can call them back. Don’t be a slave to technology!