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Your donation helps single moms get a career education leading to financial self-sufficiency!


create opportunities where otherwise there are none

by removing barriers and providing resources.

Watch Grace’s story of transformation during Covid.

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Become a member of a Dream team – a group of passionate monthly donors, who are determined to

  • provide the resources needed for single moms on the student parent journey to economic independence.
  • help women and children thrive, not barely survive!
  • give hope for a brighter future for children in single mom families!
  • end poverty and childhood hunger in West MI and transform the lives of two generations.

Your donations move families out of poverty and into prosperity!

Hope for Single Moms programs address the issue that nearly half of single moms lack the career skills needed to provide well for their families.

Our donors provide the financial assistance the family needs while on the student parent journey and for six-months after graduation as they transition into the workforce.

    • Our program evaluates their current income and expenses, including government assistance, and seeks to provide for the financial gap that is unaddressed.
    • Our program re-evaluates the need once a job has been obtained.

What your donation provides

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