Donate to a Child's Healthy Future

Your donation changes the world for a  child in a single mom family.

How you provide children

with good health and nutrition

When children do not have enough food to eat, or the food available to them lacks good nutrients–malnutrition leading to health issues develops. When children are not healthy, they are not able to develop the foundational skills they need to do well in school.

Hope for Single Moms’ Education fund helps single moms pay their unmet tuition need, so they can get a career education while minimizing school debt.

Hope for Single Moms is committed to walking the student parent journey with the families in our program. This includes helping them transition into the workforce and connecting with them during the subsequent year.

Hope for Single Moms has designated the first Saturday in May as Celebrating Courageous Moms day–our way to help them celebrate Mother’s Day. It is a day to share your heart for single mom children who would be trapped in poverty without your generosity.

Meet Brooke and Porter. Brooke is working on her requirements to get into dental hygiene school at Ferris. This career will definitely help her provide well for Porter. Her unmet tuition need for fall is $4,000. Help move this family from poverty to prosperity with your most generous gift.

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