Donate to a Child's Healthy Future

Your donation helps single moms write their own Cinderella story!

Donate monthly – Dream team

  • Become a member of a Dream team – a group of passionate monthly donors, who are determined to end childhood hunger and change the lives of single mom families.
  • You can donate to a specific family or your monthly donation can go towards any current family need.
  • Meet our current HSM student parents.

Donate monthly – Empowerment partner

  • Becoming an Empowerment Partner means consistent funding for Hope for Single Moms, which helps us maintain a commitment to our student parents.
  • It allows us to deliver lasting impact to single mom families and helps with the challenges life sends their way, wherever it is needed at the moment.

One-time donation

  • Donate to a specific family need ie. tuition, childcare
  • Help a family enjoy a holiday festivity ie. kids’ Christmas gifts, Mother’s day gift
  • Become an an event sponsor – ie. Fashion for a Future, single mom family events.

Look at what a one-time gift can do!

  • $10 = six meals (3 meals a day for 2)
  • $25 = 1/2 tank of gas
  • $50 = one day of daycare
  • $70 = one week of meals
  • $100 = one month of heat/electric
  • $250 = one week of daycare

How you provide children

with good health and nutrition

When children do not have enough food to eat, or the food available to them lacks good nutrients–malnutrition leading to health issues develops. When children are not healthy, they are not able to develop the foundational skills they need to do well in school.

Hope for Single Moms’ Education fund helps single moms pay their unmet tuition need, so they can get a career education, while minimizing school debt.

Hope for Single Moms is committed to walking the student parent journey with the families in our program. This includes helping them transition into the workforce and connecting with them during the subsequent year.

Interested in becoming a HSM sponsor? Learn more.

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