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A career education is the key to getting out of poverty.

Do you know that you can double what you make over the course of your life with a career education? You can. And Hope for Single Moms is here to help make that happen!

There is a great need for people skilled in the trades. This is perfect for single moms. You get into the workforce quicker, with less school debt, and will likely have a higher hourly wage than most college grads.

Perhaps, you already have college credits, but have dropped out of school to take care of your child. Let us help you go back and finish or use your credits to pursue another career path.

Think it’s impossible? It’s not. It will be hard. It will be a lot of work. You will feel like quitting…more than once. It will be worthwhile.

Do you have a career path in mind? If you don’t, our “Discover Your Career” curriculum walks you through the steps. It is available for a $29 donation. Tell your single mom support group 

If you don’t have a support group, take the first step to financial stability. Call us for a free career consultation at 616-485-7594.

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Discover Praxis

Praxis is a nine-month program for entrepreneurial young people. We place you at an amazing company where you work alongside entrepreneurs while also completing our rigorous education experience which includes one-on-one coaching, self-guided projects, hard and soft skills training, and more.

Download Praxis 5 ways to Start your Career

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