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Back-to-School Time!

It’s that time of year–when parents start thinking about back-to-school clothes and supplies. Zandy and Nia (left) are a whole year older anda whole year taller. This picture was taken at Fashion for a Future 2021. They will be back at this year’s Fashion for a Future.

Grace is pictured here in May with her two boys, Eddie and Emerson. Guess what? They outgrew their clothes, too.

Please help these moms get their  children ready for another wonderful year of learning. Check out their back to school wishlist.

Congratulations Jasmien!!


We are so proud of Jasmien. She did a four-week training with Spring GR. Then, she was accepted into their twelve-week program. Spring GR empowers underserved entrepreneurs to develop the necessary skills to build strong businesses and bring their ideas to life. In short, Giving Business Owners The Tools And Connections They Need To Succeed.

In Jasmien’s case, she wants to own her own salon. She is currently doing amazing and fabulous hairstyles! Some take her four hours to complete! Four hours of standing on her feet! She is also selling Monat hair products, available at the salon and online. Follow Jasmien on Instagram at jmonae_creations_llc/

She will continue her training with Spring GR, as well as become an affiliate under Hope for Single Moms with the GR Chamber, continue working and raising three children.

The 2022 Fashion for a Future Fundraiser

Congratulations Grace!

Grace has been accepted into the Mary Free Bed summer internship cohort! She will be working along side the Quality and Risk Team all summer long.
Here’s what Grace had to say about it.
“I’m so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work with this incredible organization. This is a dream accomplishment, and I am so excited to see where this takes me!”
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