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Donate or sponsor a single mom family today. Change their world forever!

Your donation is about creating opportunities, where otherwise there are none.

For every $1 donated, there’s a potential $4 ROI —
due to decreased dependence on social services and increased taxes paid.

We all want children to thrive, don’t we?  But for nearly half of the children in single mom families, that isn’t going to happen. They live in poverty and don’t get enough food. When children are hungry, they can’t focus in school. You can change that.

However, childhood hunger affects children even before they go to school. A lack of good nutrition means they don’t develop the skills necessary to do well in school. Many of our moms come to us when they first find out they’re pregnant. Your donation starts these children off right by helping them get good nutrition. See the effects of hunger on children in the graphs below.

When single moms get a career education, they can get a better-paying job. This means she will be able to buy more nutritious food for her family.

When a child grows well physically and does better academically, it increases the chances that he/she will go to college or trade school. Because of donors like you, these families can break the cycle of poverty many find themselves in.

Go to FAQs for answers to some questions you may have regarding donations. Call Carla at 616-485-7594 or email with any other questions.

Graphs showing the effects of poverty on children
Poverty and its effect on foundational skills


Poverty and its effect on academic performance


I want to help children thrive

Hope for Single Moms helps moms and children dream

Your donation helps those dream come true!

 Join the fight against poverty and childhood hunger in single mom families

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