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We are about creating opportunities, where otherwise there are none.​

For every $1 donated, there’s a potential $4 ROI due to decreased dependence on social services and increased taxes paid. As a result of your donations, you are making a difference one family at a time!

Nearly half of children in single mom families live in poverty, they face hunger that prevents them from focusing in school. Without adequate nutrition to do well academically, these children face greater odds of continuing to live in poverty as they enter adulthood. Thanks to the help of government-assisted school breakfast programs and even non-profit supplied take-home meals, children can be supplied with temporary solutions. Hope for Single Moms works to break the pattern of poverty and set up single mom families for long-term success through career education and counseling.

In 2019, a mother and one child need over $40,000 a year to afford a two-bedroom apartment, utilities, food, and childcare in West Michigan. We work with moms to obtain a degree or certification to put them on a path for long term success.

Leave a better world for your children and grandchildren, become part of a single mom success story with a monthly donation.

Why should I help?
There are many reasons women become single mothers, often through no fault of their own. Some because of a divorce or the death of a spouse, others as a result of a deadbeat dad. Regardless of the circumstances, nearly half of these families live in poverty or below poverty.

Often, mothers cut back on expenses by buying more processed foods, which are cheaper. This affects their children physically, mentally and academically.

There is a direct correlation between nutrition and academic performance in students. By helping women become financially self-sufficient, we impact the next generation.

Graph showing the correlation between test scores and poverty in Michigan Schools

How long is my commitment?
Ideally, we would like you to make a monthly commitment for one year. However, we know life brings surprises and your commitment may need to change or discontinue. For that reason, we have an emergency fund, which allows us to continue supporting a single mom until we can find a new donor.
How much of my money goes to the moms?
Currently, 100% of the ministry costs are covered by donors who specifically donate to the running of the ministry.

That means, 100% of your donation goes directly to the program you designate.

Why do they need help? Why can’t they just do what it takes?
Basically, there are two reasons.:

Daycare availability: usually from 6 am to 6 pm. If a mom works full-time to pay the bills, there is no evening care for night classes. Online classes are also a challenge to complete in the evening when the child is home.
The system is set against them. If there is a father paying child support, he only has to pay half of the daycare expense while the mother is working. Any time mom spends in class and the child is in daycare does not get calculated into the equation.

That means, she would have to pay for school, pay 100% of the cost for daycare, during that time AND lose the wages she would have made working.

Hope for Single Moms provides assistance by seeking to remove these carriers to a career education. Included in our support services are financial assistance for housing and daycare and evening study rooms with childcare.

How do I know my donation won’t be misused by the mom?
Hope for Single Moms will pay some bills directly. These include rent, utilities and daycare. For expenses like gas and groceries, Hope for Single Moms will put money on a debit card weekly, so the chance of abuse is small.

Hope for Single Moms has an extensive application process. The moms will be vetted to the best of our ability. We also have a contract the moms sign explaining non-acceptable behaviors, which will result in dismissal from our program.

We also believe interaction with their life assistance team will have a positive effect on behavior.

​Participation in the Hope for Single Moms program is a privilege, not an entitlement. We are confident they will appreciate the opportunity to get a career education and better provide for their family.

Can’t make a donation? Here are a few other ways that you can help

  • Purchasing the book, “But God…a journey,” which tells the personal story of how founding director, Carla Ludwig, started HSM through watching her daughter finish her college education as a single mom. The book is available either as a softcover or e-book. Click link to download Chapter One, “The Struggle”
  • All speaking engagements, including at banquets and staff and volunteer enrichments. Click link for list of topics.
  • Purchasing the bible study, “Why can’t I find a good man? and other questions single moms ask.” Good for single mom support groups. Click link for Lesson One preview and download.
  • Purchasing “Discover Your Career”. Curriculum to help single moms develop a career path. Good for single mom support groups or one-on-one mentoring. Click link to see Session One.
Join the fight against poverty and childhood hunger in single mom families