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How can Hope for Single Moms help me go to school?

Thanks for checking out Hope for Single Moms. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees, isn’t it? Let us help you navigate the forest of parenting, working, going to school, studying and spending time with your child/ren.

First of all, you need a plan. Schedule a free career consultation. Relax. This is just a conversation where we get to know you and you get to know us. Watch video.

Once accepted as a client of HSM, (see client qualifications below) we assess your financial needs. We will help you navigate resources for your plan.

Hope for Single Moms raises a team of financial support, your Dream Team, to try and help  raise your unmet need. We also provide you a network of support, including a mentor, if you do not already have one.


Education. Life Assistance. Community. Finances.

These are the four areas we help you with. Learn more.


The school trac


Must be a US citizen, at least 18 years old and single.

  • High school diploma or GED. Submit a copy.
  • No drug addictions. Willing to submit to drug screening.
  • No outstanding debt. Fill out a financial need worksheet.
  • Reliable transportation.
  • Willing to work with a mentor.
  • Need to sign a client contract.


Pregnant or have at least 51+% custody of your child(ren).

Each child we help you with needs to be living with you. We need to see each dependent’s birth certificate.


We don’t have housing.

Living in West MI. Stable housing. Not living with a boyfriend.

For rental assistance, the first page and signature page of the lease agreement.

If utility assistance is needed, obtain from the Salvation Army.


Acceptance into a college or trade program and have at least one year left.

  • Need an Enrollment Verification Letter and School transcript.
  • Must be on school letterhead. (From the registration office or student accounts office.)


For childcare assistance, a letter from the childcare provider verifying the following:

  • they are a licensed childcare provider,
  • child(ren)’s name,
  • child(ren)’s enrollment,
  • and weekly tuition rate.

Looking for peer-to-peer encouragement?

Are you a single mom or former single mom who walked the student parent journey alone? Would you like to encourage a single mom currently in school?

We’d like to connect you with a single mom in our program. Share your experiences with a single mom in our program. Background check required.

Call/text Carla: 616-485-7594. Email

Don't Qualify?
The foundation trac

You need to do a career consultation. Schedule consult

You will need to fill out a financial worksheet. Download worksheet.

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