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How can Hope for Single Moms help me go to school?

Thanks for checking out Hope for Single Moms. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees, isn’t it? Let us help you navigate the forest of parenting, working, going to school, studying and spending time with your child/ren.

First of all, you need a plan. You can schedule a FREE CONSULTATION CALL. Relax. This is just a conversation where we get to know you and you get to know us.

You’ll have a chance to share as much or as little of your story as you like. We’ll ask you questions about where you are and where you want to be. Together we’ll develop a plan to get you started. We want to make sure you can be successful at parenting and school. So, we will help you get a firm foundation before you go start.

Once you are accepted as a client of HSM, (see client qualifications below) we assess your financial needs. We have a new client coordinator, who will help you navigate the resources for your plan.

Hope for Single Moms raises a team of financial support, your Dream Team, to try and fill the gap left after all financial assistance elsewhere has been exhausted.

We also provide you a network of support, including a mentor.


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Qualifications needed to become a client of Hope for Single Moms:


At least 18 years old and single


Pregnant or have primary custody of child


High school diploma or GED


Submit to drug screening


Not be living with a man


Have one year or more remaining in education

supporting documents needed:

Please do not work on this documentation until you have done a career consultation. After your consultation, you will be asked to complete some tasks. Once those are completed, you will be told if you can continue the application process.

  1. Three letters of recommendation from sources such as school personnel, employers, referring social service agency, staff from your place of worship, and/or counselors.
    • These letters must be on company letterhead.
    • Hope for Single Moms will call to confirm recommendation.
  2. Copies of all past and current educational records (original transcripts) and/or GED scores.
  3. If applicable, documentation of divorce decree and/or custody agreements.
  4. Copy of original social security card and driver’s license.

Potential candidates will need to submit to a drug test.

Potential candidates will be interviewed by the program director or a mentor once all supporting documents have been received.

Do you need help getting this done? Do you need someone to watch your child, so you can do this? Call 616-485-7594 to get assistance.

This brochure is written just for single moms. It lists the four areas Hope for Single Moms focuses in its program. It also has our contact information.

From one of our clients

2 single mom with children and mentor

Looking for peer-to-peer encouragement?

Are you a single mom going to college or trade school? Are you a single mom or former single mom who walked the student parent journey alone? Would you like to give back and encourage a single mom currently in school?

We’d like to connect you with a single mom in our program. Share your experiences with her and to mutually encourage one another.

Email Carla at or call/text her at 616-485-7594 to meet with Carla. Download our peer-to-peer mentoring guidelines.


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