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How can Hope for Single Moms help me go to school?

Thanks for checking out Hope for Single Moms. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees, isn’t it? Let us help you navigate the forest of parenting, working, going to school, studying and spending time with your child/ren.

First of all, you must have stable housing. Hope for Single Moms does not have housing. Contact United Way 2-1-1 and the Salvation Army to be referred to area resources. You can also find resources on our Life Assistance page.

HSM wants to set you up for success. It’s hard to parent. It’s hard to be a student. Combining both can be overwhelming. Success starts with having the best foundation possible. See our applicant qualifications listed on our form below. You can also download them.

If you qualify, fill out and submit the form. Then schedule a free career consultation. Relax. This is just a conversation where we get to know you and you get to know us. Watch video.

Once you have the geen light to continue the process of applying to be a client of HSM, we assess your financial needs. If you are currently in college or a certificate program, fill out the financial need sheet. 


Meet Leslie

Leslie started her student parent journey with Hope for Single Moms while she was pregnant. She took one week off of school when she had her son. Two months later, she graduated with a certificate in medical coding and billing. Afterwards, Leslie got her associates degree online while working and taking care of Lincoln.

She did it! You can, too!