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How can Hope for Single Moms help me go to college?

Once you are accepted as a client of HSM, we asses your financial needs and help you find the resources you need so that you can get a career education. Hope for Single Moms helps by assisting through living and childcare expenses. We do not fully fund expenses, but rather we help where there are gaps so that moms can concentrate on education and becoming fully independent. We also provide many living, education and spiritual resources to help guide moms through this journey.

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Who is eligible for assistance from Hope for Single Moms?



Potential candidates need to meet the following criteria and complete an application, emailed to them after their initial assessment meeting and applicant follow-through on tasks needed to be completed, such as a FAFSA application and applying for social services qualified to receive, such as DHS daycare assistance.


At least 18 years old and single


Pregnant or have primary custody of child


High school diploma or GED


Submit to drug screening


Agree to abide by HFSM rules


Have one year or more remaining in education

supporting documents needed:

Volunteers will assist program applicants to obtain documents and/or watch the child so an applicant can work on the application.

  1. Three letters of recommendation from sources such as school personnel, employers, referring social service agency, staff from your place of worship, and/or counselors.
    • These letters must be on company letterhead.
    • Hope for Single Moms will call to confirm recommendation.
  2. Copies of all past and current educational records (original transcripts) and/or GED scores.
  3. If applicable, documentation of divorce decree and/or custody agreements.
  4. Copy of original social security card and driver’s license.

Potential candidates will need to submit to a drug test.

Potential candidates will be interviewed by the program director or a mentor once all supporting documents have been received.

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