Winter in Michigan: A blend of howling winds, a blanket of snow, and treacherous ice. While my husky thrives in this frosty wonderland, for me and many single moms in Grand Rapids, it’s a season of endurance.

Ever wondered what it’s like to have no choice but to brave the icy cold? Meet Kayla, a symbol of resilience, trekking 25 minutes to work each day along the lakeshore, battling through snow and ice at a chilling 20 degrees. Every step, a fight for survival.

For Kayla, it’s not just about getting to work. It’s about providing warmth, food, and comfort for her children. But this daily battle steals hours – hours that could be spent with her family or bettering her life.

Here’s where YOU can make a difference! πŸš—πŸ’™

Join our mission to give Kayla the gift of mobility. Donate to our car fund, and help transform her journey into one of safety, warmth, and precious time regained with her kids. Your support can change her winter story.

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