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Do you remember feeling lonely and isolated while raising your children? Single moms feel that way, too. But you can change that. You can eliminate that feeling by providing community with adults, which lifts their spirits and encourages them.

Take Grace, for example. Grace is our current single mom success story. She has two boys—Eddie, 5, and Emerson, 2-1/2. Grace is in the Healthcare Systems Administration program at Ferris-Grand Rapids and has two years of schooling left to get her bachelor’s degree.

All of Grace’s classes are online, at least for the fall semester. And Eddie’s kindergarten is online three times a week. And Emerson is 2-1/2. She can’t send him to daycare. Boys are boys! They need to run. Talk about challenging!

With online classes, Grace doesn’t get to interact with other students. She doesn’t get to go somewhere to focus on classes or get away to study. It’s pretty much the three of them together all day almost every day.

But Grace is wise. She knows this won’t last forever. And she is determined to provide well for her sons. That’s where you come in. No woman should have to walk the single parent journey alone. Whether you donate time or money, you give her hope and encourage her on her journey to becoming financially stable. All because of you!

Help Grace reach her goals for herself and for her family.

By donating on Giving Tuesday, you

  • help Grace reach her potential and finish her bachelor’s degree in the Healthcare Systems Administration program at Ferris, so she can provide well for her sons.
  • help Grace provide healthy meals for Eddie and Emerson now.
  • keep Eddie and Emerson on the path to growing well physically.
  • put Eddie and Emerson on the path to growing well emotionally. They get the mommy time they need because Grace gets help to hyper-focus when she needs to, and then has time with the boys.

Are you willing to help Eddie and Emerson thrive? Are you willing to help Grace reach her full potential? Then, change their world and donate.

The Goal: $1800! Thank you for helping Grace reach her goal

Grace and the boys need $1800 to cover her childcare expense during the January term.          Thank you to our Match Challenge donor!

Still interested in donating. Help Jasmine meet her January tuition and school book need. 

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