When does a joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent! What do you call a fish with no I’s. A fsh. Why shouldn’t you trust trees? They are shady.

Does your dad, or if you’re married, does your husband, tell dad jokes? What is it about a joke that makes it a dad joke? Oftentimes, it’s a bit lame and makes you groan. However, they do, at least, get a wry grin. And admit it, you repeat them.

If you have a dad in your life, dad jokes are part of it. There are even dad joke books you can buy. We often focus on moms, especially here at Hope for Single Moms. Moms are often considered the most important people in a child’s life. However, dads, and surrogate dads, are not only important, but I would say, essential.

Yes, even if your child’s father is not involved, you can have a “dad” figure in your child’s life. It can be a grandfather, an uncle, a family friend, or any man who volunteers to be that guy telling dad jokes and more to a family with an absent father. But having that father figure is good for both girls and boys.

For both, it gives them an opportunity to see what the role of a dad is. Girls unconsciously see what they may like in their future husbands. And boys see a positive role model for a man and a dad.

Which brings us to single moms and Father’s Day. Father’s Day can be a difficult day for single moms. It reminds them of a dream that died. Whether the father of her children is involved or not, they are no longer together as a family. Her hope for that family is gone.

If dad is involved with his children, he probably has them for Father’s Day. The single mom is alone. Another reminder of the loss. So, while we are happy that he wants to spend time with his kids, give that single mom you know an extra hug this Father’s Day.

Single dads are often forgotten. For the single dad, Father’s Day may also be tough. He, too, no longer has that family unit he may have hoped for. While he has the children for Father’s Day, he sees other families celebrating it with mom included.

Regardless of the holiday, they can be difficult for single parents. If you know a single mom whose family needs a dad surrogate, reach out some time and offer to take the kids somewhere. Who knows, they may like your dad jokes.