Easter! It’s Sunday, April 17. What ideas come to mind when you think of Easter? Candy, candy and more candy! Easter bunnies and Easter eggs and Easter basket stuffers?

Or do you think about new life? Kind of like the new year. Out with the cold, the gray and the snow. In with new growth, the green, the sun and warmer weather. Out with the sweaters and boots and dark colors. In with the shorts and sandals and pastels.

Or, do you think of new life in Christ? His death, His burial and His resurrection for you! Resurrection life!

Easter, like Christmas, is really a blend of the spiritual with the secular. We celebrate the holiday in many ways. One way children celebrate is with Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets. Coloring Easter eggs was always a fun and messy event at our house. Six children, each with a dozen hard-boiled eggs, kerplunking their eggs into Easter egg coloring containers. And then, try hiding 72 eggs…multiple times…over the course of a week. Sometimes to be found a year later. Ugh!

This year, we’re asking you to help our families celebrate Easter with a mix of fun and spiritual gifts. There are fifteen children to buy for. Their ages range from 1-17. Here is a link to our Easter wishlist. Please have gifts delivered by April 14. Look for Easter smiles coming soon to our Facebook and Instagram pages.