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Play Santa for a Single Mom Family

At Hope for Single Moms, we’re hoping you can gift our families. If you’re a single mom struggling to make ends meet, Christmas is an especially difficult time. If you like to give gifts and make kids smile, please play Santa to one of these families, or one child in a family.

Don’t forget our moms. They’re just thinking about the kids. One of the moms was surprised when I asked her what she wanted. “Oh, I’m not used to thinking about myself,” she said.

Feel free to shop on your own or buy from our Amazon holiday wishlist

Charity with her sons, Zander, Nolan and Aston

Charity's boys

Zander, 17, and Nolan, 15 – basically want the same things and are the same size.

Clothes: XXL shirts, XL pants, especially joggers and sweats, boot style shoes size 12

Zander: Derrick Henry jersey, Nolan: Lamar Jackson jersey

Ashton, 13: Patrick Mahomes jersey

Clothes: L shirt, M pants- also loves joggers and sweats, Boot-style shoes size 8.5

Gift cards: All 3 would like xbox and apple gift cards

Amazon holiday wishlist

Grace's boys

Eddie, 6: LEGO Minecraft The Pig House, An Elephant and Piggie Biggie! Vol 3 (see Amazon wishlist)

Emerson, 4: Battat – Kids Cleaning Set (see Amazon wishlist), Size 5T winter coat, Size 13 winter boots, anything trucks and Legos

Grace: ladies size small winter coat

Amazon holiday wishlist

Jasmien's children

Keith, 12: Clothes: Size 9-10, Shoes 6.5, Under Med

Drawing tablet, basketball, headphones, anything with music

Zandy, 5: Clothes 5T. Zannia, 4: Clothes 4T

Both girls would like learning tablets, dress-up clothes, arts and crafts, Barbie house, anything girly

Amazon holiday wishlist