“You mean there are people who will help me go to school?”
“Wow! I don’t have to work as a nanny the rest of my life!”

These are comments from moms whose lives are being changed because of volunteers and donors like you. Hope for Single Moms has the goal of moving single mom families from poverty to financial self-sufficiency. We know that education is the key to making this journey successful.

For every $1 donated, there is a potential $4 return on your investment. We see this as a result of decreased dependence on social services and increased taxes paid. It is an investment. An investment in the life of a young mother and her child.

In addition, there is the impact your investment has on the child’s potential contribution to society. We expect that HSM children will also have an increase in lifetime earnings and therefore, taxes paid. According to Duncan and Klebanov in Consequences of Growing Up Poor, “Mother’s education is a strong and consistent predictor of children’s outcomes —from IQ test scores at age five through school completion rates at age nineteen and twenty.”

Your financial support of Hope for Single Moms makes it possible for HSM to pay living and daycare expenses, so single moms can get a career education, or finish college. In Michigan, a single mom with infant child needs to earn over $40,000 a year to pay bills!

Your donation of time as a mentor or a member of her life assistance team, gives these moms a second family. Your donation of your talent, such as car maintenance, gives a single mom peace of mind with expertise she can trust. All lead to her earning a livable wage and long-term self-sufficiency. All lead to having children who are well-fed, can focus on school and future contributors to society.

Become part of a movement empowering women and leaving society a better place for our children and grandchildren.