These ten words are not only encouraging, but they imply a lot.
 First, it is letting a younger mom know you identify with her and know parenting is hard…really hard! Young moms need to know all moms struggle and wonder if they’re doing a good job.
 Second, it is acknowledging this younger mom is in the fray, NOW! And you can encourage her that this crazy time will end. Life with kids is busy, frustrating…and lonely! But they grow up and life slows down.
 Third, you are acknowledging that motherhood is a sacrifice. Every mom knows this, but sometimes moms need to be verbally reminded, it is worth it!

Motherhood is hard. Motherhood alone is even harder. It is important to have an experienced mom involved in a new mom’s life. For many, that woman is her mom (grandma). But some single moms can’t turn to their mom for encouragement or to ask questions.

Those of us who have survived the crazy days and seen the payoff, can encourage a younger mom. Can you be that veteran mom? Or do you know someone who you admire as a mom who could encourage a younger mom? Consider serving as a mentor or asking a friend to join you and serve. We will provide training but honestly, it’s like loving your daughter.