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Hope for Single Moms knows minimum wage just doesn’t cut it. And that’s why we’re here to help. If you work a minimum-wage job in West Michigan, you would have to work 73 hours a week just to afford a two-bedroom apartment. Looking at the graph, we can see choices have to be made. But we don’t think you should have to choose between paying for rent or daycare or food. We are here to help you change that.

You must do your part. Do you have a plan? If not, we can help you get one. Call for your FREE career consultation. 616-485-7594.

Do you  have housing? You need stable housing before you can get into our program. Parenting and going to school and studying is hard enough. You don’t want to worry about where you’ll sleep next.

The links on the right are to resources that will help you get a firm foundation, so you can get started on your career education.

We want you to be successful.  That’s why we won’t take you on as a client until we know you’re ready. So it may seem the qualifications are insurmountable, but we are here to help you achieve those too. Click here to see the qualification requirements.


Children don’t come with an instruction manual. And just when you think you have it figured out, your next child is totally different. There are some things that people have found to be helpful. Check out these resources.

Parenting skills
a self-paced learning environment to enhance life skills and teaches financial security, positive parenting habits, career prep, and self-care.

Parenting and life skills classes online from The Life of a Single Mom’s Single Mom University

Very Well Family A lot of great information understanding child development, so  you can better parent.

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