Right now, there’s a little girl or boy who wants to go to college to be a doctor, a lawyer, perhaps
an engineer…

But ther’s a problem: He/she's hungry and can’t focus on school.

Mom is working a minimum-wage job. That doesn’t even pay the rent, much less provide enough money for food. In fact, mom would have to work 73 hours a week to pay rent alone on a two-bedroom apartment in Michigan.

Talk about the importance of education. A post high school education doubles her lifetime earnings. So, what’s holding her back? Living and daycare expenses are her barriers to returning to school.

Now imagine what it would feel like to be able to make this little girl or boy’s dream come true.

Well, you can!

Hope for Single Moms helps single moms and their children dream.
Your donation helps make their dreams come true.

Your donation helps pay for housing and daycare, so a single mom can go to school. Your donation allows us to mentor, guide and encourage her while she is in school and as she transitions back into the workforce.

One single mom family and a network beside her changes society for generations to come. Every $1 you donate has a potential $4 return to society with a decrease in dependence on social services and an increase in taxes paid–not to mention what the impact good nutrition will have on the next generation.

They need you to make that happen! THANK YOU for your support, ��