Charity with her sons, Zander, Nolan and Aston

Charity with her sons, Zander, Nolan and Aston. Charity has been working for years in the food service industry. And then, Covid. Now, she is out of work and trying to navigate the social services for the first time ever. Fortunately, she called Hope for Single Moms. We don’t think any single mom should walk the student parent journey alone. That’s where we come in and so does her mentor and her life assistance team.

With only one semester left to get her accounting degree, Charity becomes our second single mom success story to begin in January. Hope for Single Moms is excited to help Charity go back to school. We are currently directing her to agencies that can help, as we are raise funds to meet her tuition need and household expenses.

Thank you to all of you who are giving to our year-end goal of $5,000. This includes $2,500 for this family. Our year-end Match Challenge doubles the impact of your donation. If you would like to join this success story, you can Donate Now.