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Dr. Carla Engel Ludwig

Founding director of Hope for Single Moms.

Non-Profit Visionary. Speaker. Author .

Dr. Carla Ludwig is a non-profit executive, author and speaker. She is the founder of Hope for Single Moms, a faith-based non-profit moving single mom families from poverty to prosperity by removing the barriers single moms have to getting a career education. Carla has served as a nonprofit leader for years, giving people the opportunity to make the world a better place. She did this while raising six children, who all currently reside outside of Michigan.

Carla has developed two resources to help single moms and their children thrive.  “Why? for single moms” is a bible study written specifically with the single mom in mind to find healing and peace in the difficult circumstances of life. It can be done online or in person. “Why?” can be done with a mentor or in a group setting–at a church or pregnancy care center single mom support group.

Discover Your Career helps single moms determine an educational path to financial stability. It can be done on your own, with a mentor or in a group setting. Initial lessons work in any community. College and trade school links are specific to West Michigan.

Carla Ludwig

Carla and John Ludwig

Speaking Topics:

For Churches: A Christ-Centered Approach to Helping Single Moms

Do you have single moms in your church? Are you unsure of their needs, how to best help them? Single parents are a growing segment of our population. Nearly half live at or below poverty. Learn how you, as a ministry leader or pastor, can come alongside these families. Get our FREE guide to setting up a single mom support group.

For Churches or Pregnancy Care Centers: A Dream Session

Hope for Single Moms helps single moms determine their interests, set motivation goals with a Dream (vision) board, and make them aware of the avenues of career education that are available. $50 donation to Hope for Single Moms.

For Pregnancy Care Center Staff and Volunteer Enrichment

  • Session One: Finding true love!

Our desire for love is often sought from other people. But people often disappoint us. There is one Person, Jesus, Who will never disappoint you. Using circles, you can share The Fall and God’s unconditional love and gift of redemption in as little as 10 minutes

  • Session Two: Religion or a Relationship?

Have you ever had a client say life doesn’t look a lot different now than before salvation? Or, what about the client who says she’s tried religion and it just isn’t working for her?  How do you share the abundant life in Christ and how to have joy during difficult circumstances?

  • Session Three: What do you have in common with Kate Middleton?

Just like Kate Middleton went from commoner to royalty, we, too, go from commoner to royalty when we become children of God. $25 each or all 3 for $60 donation to HSM

Banquet or Conference Speaker

Whether  you run a women’s ministry, are organizing a conference or fundraiser, Carla has a message of hope for all, no matter  how difficult the circumstances. Carla shares her journey from learning her daughter was going to be a single mom to how that led her to start Hope for Single Moms. Banquet fee is $350 plus travel expenses outside of West Michigan. The speaking fee supports single mom families.

Watch her interview with Pamela Keim of Grand Tap Media.