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Meet our courageous moms! Single parenting is hard. Everything is up to them. They drop their children off at daycare or school, go to work, pick their children up, make dinner, help with homework, tuck them in to bed, to do it all again the next day and the next. Now they are adding school and homework!! surprised

Why? Because nearly half are working minimum-wage jobs and are unable to pay all the bills. Hope for Single Moms uses a “teach-a-woman-to-fish” approach. With a better paying job, single moms can provide well for their children. With better food, children will grow better physically and do better academically. See graphs about poverty’s effects on children.

We plan on working with these families a minimum of two years. This includes helping them transition into the workforce.

Hope for Single Moms has two single moms on their student parent journeys. Jasmine is working on growing her business. We have two additional women preparing a firm foundation in order to go back to school.

These women and their families need YOU to invest your time and resources to go back to school. By doing so you fight poverty and childhood hunger in single mom families.

Become part of one of our single mom success stories!


LEXI with Sage, 3

Lexi graduated from GVSU in December 2020, just two weeks before having Sage. With Sage’s arrival, she was unable to complete her student teaching. 


Lexi is back at GVSU and working toward a Master’s in Educational Leadership. She got offered her dream job now and contingent upon completing her degree. 


The need for a new laptop and a new car transmission. BARRIERS REMOVED.HSM paid for both.

The need to move to GR to accept the job. HSM is paid moving expenses. 

Order by Friend of the Court requiring Sage to be in daycare in Muskegon.Order lifted. HSM helped with legal fees. 

KAYLA with Dapree, 15, Eddie 12, Enise, 10 and Dekailah, 2


Kayla has been accepted to GRCC to pursue a dental assisting certificate. 


The need for a new laptop. BARRIER REMOVED: HSM got her one.

A car to drive from Grand Haven to GRCC. Our goal is to purchase a safe car for the family

‘SUSIE’ plus three, ages 14, 9,& 7

Susie and her three children recently left a domestic abusive situation. For safety reasons, we cannot share their names and photos. They are currently living with Susie’s mom. Susie is currently in an unpaid internship.


Susie was accepted into an online Social Work program at the U of M. 


The need for a new laptop & car repairs ($1500). BARRIERS REMOVED. HSM paid for both. The need for more time in her day. BARRIER REMOVED. The family gets a meal delivered every week. Join her meal team.

The need for customized crutches for her and her daughter ($600).

The need for assistance with legal fees regarding visitation & concernfor her children’s safety.

TANYA with Kahlo, 8 and Lucina, 4

Tanya and her two children recently left a financially unstable and occasionally violent home. They live with Tanya’s mother. 


Tanya has been accepted into the U of M online social work program. 


The need for a new laptop. BARRIER REMOVED. HSM got her one. 

The need for tuition assistance ($2,000) for the pre-req classes. BARRIER REMOVED. HSM paid. The need to pay off credit card debt ($1000). BARRIER REMOVED. HSM paid. 

An HSM volunteer is assisting with a budget. 

Marianna with Elijah, 12 and Roman, 9

Marianna and her boys are living in an apartment in downtown GR. She works full-time as a cosmetologist. However, every month she is accruing debt because her income doesn’t pay the bills.


to get an eyelash certification to expand her cosmetology services.


The need for tuition for certification. $1,000. BARRIER REMOVED. HSM paid. Childcare when she works Sat & Sun. BARRIER REDUCED. HSM volunteers are helping on Saturdays and bringing a meal. Volunteer to become part of childcare and or meal team.