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Meet our courageous moms! Single parenting is hard. Everything is up to them. They drop their children off at daycare or school, go to work, pick their children up, make dinner, help with homework, tuck them in to bed, to do it all again the next day and the next. Now they are adding school and homework!! surprised

Why? Because nearly half are working minimum-wage jobs and are unable to pay all the bills. Hope for Single Moms uses a “teach-a-woman-to-fish” approach. With a better paying job, single moms can provide well for their children. With better food, children will grow better physically and do better academically. See graphs about poverty’s effects on children.

We plan on working with these families a minimum of two years. This includes helping them transition into the workforce.

Hope for Single Moms has two single moms on their student parent journeys. Jasmine is working on growing her business. We have two additional women preparing a firm foundation in order to go back to school.

These women and their families need YOU to invest your time and resources to go back to school. By doing so you fight poverty and childhood hunger in single mom families.

Become part of one of our single mom success stories!

Meet our courageous student parents!

Charity with her sons, Zander, Nolan and Aston


Charity is the mother of three sons–Zander, 17, Nolan,14, and Ashton,12. Can you believe it!

Charity is studying accounting online through Southern New Hampshire University. She’s also been doing Shipt to pay the bills. Charity has the opportunity to work at Comerica bank but needs a way to get there!

Charity’s car is not worth fixing. Can you help? Do you know of a good used car? Or, do you know someone willing to donate a car?

Teenage boys are bottomless pits, so Meijer gift cards, pizza cards, etc are always helpful. They can be sent electronically to or sent to the HSM mailing address.

Consider becoming part of Charity’s tribe. Donate at her link below.


Jasmine is the beautiful mother of three adorable children. Pictured with her are her son, Keith, 12, and daughters, Zandaeh, 5, and Zannia, 4.

Jasmine is working hard on building her cosmetology clientele. While her business is growing, you can help her family out with gift cards for groceries, gas and fun family activities. Christmas is coming and you can help her buy that special something for each child.

Will you be one who changes the world for this family. Your donation changes four lives!!


Grace is pictured here with her two adorable sons, Eddie, 6, and Emerson, 3.

She is in the Healthcare Systems Administration program at Ferris-Grand Rapids. Grace is traveling to Big Rapids twice a week for classes, as well as online classes the rest of the week.

Thanks to donors like you, Hope for Single Moms was able to purchase a refurbished laptop for her and help with childcare expenses last year. We were also able to purchase her books for Fall, Winter and Summer terms and pay her unmet tuition need.

She now has increased cost for gas. Grace still has a 4.0!! Amazing job! She will receive her Bachelor’s degree one year from now, December, 2022.

Consider becoming part of Grace’s tribe. You can join her Dream team of monthly support or make a one-time donation on her link below.