It’s Memorial weekend and the traditional kickoff for summer. Looking at the weather forecast, it’s probably not beach time yet. Wondering what to do?

Picnics are always fun. They don’t need to be fancy. It can be a backyard picnic or at a park. Perhaps a picnic or an ice cream cone or sundae can be the reward for completing some chores. Grab some vanilla ice cream and berries and you have a bit healthier version.

This weekend is a great time to clean out the garage and get the bikes ready for summer. Did you clip cards to your bike tires when you were a kid? Might be fun to show your kids that one. Add some streamers and balloons and have a bike parade. Include your neighborhood and have prizes for the bikers.

Mini golf is a fun family activity. Especially if you don’t keep score! At least in our family. Perhaps there should be a prize for the highest score, instead of the lowest. Do whatever it takes to keep the event fun and not too, too competitive. If you don’t have money for mini golf, consider making your own course. A few items from the dollar store or your garage and basement may be all you need.

Dollar stores are a great place to buy bubbles, tempera paints, balls and buckets, glow sticks, sand toys, and so much more. Check out our board, Fun things to do with your kids.

Who doesn’t like chalk! Go to our Pinterest page and check out how to make your own chalk. Not only is it good to show your artistic side, but it’s a good way to design some games. There’s hopscotch and others on our pin. Looking for a family activity with others? Check out the Chalk It Up festival on the Blue Bridge this Sunday. Got some other ideas? Share them with us on Facebook. Whatever you do, laugh and have fun this weekend!