Owning your home is part of the American dream. But for nearly half of single mom families, that isn’t going to happen. In fact, many don’t even have a place to rent. Hope for Single Moms gets at least three heartbreaking calls a week from single moms searching for housing. These calls will increase as the weather gets colder and shelters fill up. If you’re one of these women, check out the housing, rent and utilities resources on our Life Assistance page.

While many of these women work, a minimum-wage job does not pay the rent and utilities. The average two-bedroom apartment in Grand Rapids rents for $1100 per month. It will take her 73 hours of work a week to pay for rent. That is, in part, why Hope for Single Moms was started. We know that with a little help, these women can go back to school to get the education they need to get a better-paying job. But school isn’t for everyone. And what can be done in the meantime for those going to school?

We have some ideas, but we need you! Tiny homes is an area that needs pursuing. Whether you are an expert in housing, building, real estate, ordinances or just have a passion to help these families, join our exploratory committee.

At this time, the housing ordinances in Grand Rapids don’t allow for tiny homes. The good news is that the city of Wyoming has changed their ordinances to accommodate tiny homes. And, oncoming board member, Marie Arrington, did her Master thesis in architecture on tiny home complexes for single moms! Contact Carla at 616-485-7594 if you would like to help pursue this idea or if you have others to help address the housing needs of single moms in West Michigan.