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The Hope for Single Moms Pillars

Education. Community. Mentoring. Life Assistance

At Hope for Single Moms, we feel that every child should thrive. Don’t you? We  also want every single mom to reach her fullest potential.  It takes more than money to move single mom families from poverty to prosperity. Everyone needs encouragement and a little help at times. That’s where we come in.

Our FREE career consultation not only gives single moms a career path and goal, but we assess whether she is ready to be successful at school, parenting and  homework. We want her to have a firm foundation, so she has the best chance of success.

“It takes a village” is necessary for any of us raising children. So, in addition to a career education and financial assistance, we offer a network of support. This is where volunteers come in.  Mentors and life assistance teams, as well as academic tutors, babysitting and so much more, are needed to create a positive environment and expand our outreach into West Michigan. 



Education is the key for single moms to be able to provide well for herself and her child.  A career education is the key to moving single mom families from poverty to prosperity. In fact, a post-high school education will double her lifetime earnings.

A better-paying job with daytime hours means single moms won’t have to work extra evening hours and can be home at night. Hope for Single Moms wants these families to have evening time together with family structure.

Our goal is to have these single moms reach their full potential and become financially self-sufficient.

SINGLE MOMS: We offer a FREE career consultation to any single mom who calls. 616-485-7594. Go to Education to see the educational options.



By walking alongside single mothers, Hope for Single Moms decreases the stress that is associated with single parenting, namely, loneliness and the fear of being able to provide for their family.

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SINGLE MOM: Drop child at daycare, work all day, pick up from daycare, go home and make dinner, clean up and it’s time for bed. This is repeated five days a week. No daycare or breaks on weekends. If she’s working a minimum-wage job, she may be working in the evening and leaving the children home alone.

Hope for Single Moms will connect clients with a single mom support group.  We will also provide community with other student parents because there are special challenges being a student parent. They will also have a variety of support volunteers, including mentors, their life assistance team and study hall tutors.

Our goal is to have churches provide special events just for the moms, as well as family events. We have a “How-to” template to help churches start a single mom support group. How to link is a downloadable pdf.



ACADEMIC: Hope for Single Moms helps determine the best college major or certificate program that matches a single mom’s interest and employment possibilities. All career consultation calls are FREE.  Call 616-485-7594. We also offer our “Discover Your Career” curriculum for mentors or small groups.

EMOTIONAL: Moms in our program can call their life assistance team mentor for encouragement or parenting and any ofther life questions.

FINANCIAL: HSM helps our clients set up a budget and help with credit card debt. We also raise a Dream team of financial support specifically for each family in the HSM program. This is after all social services have been pursued and FAFSA has been submitted.

SPIRITUAL: HSM offers clients the opportunity to connect with a church. We also offer spiritual counseling based on the exchanged life perspective of The Gospel. HSM also has a bible study available for church and pregnancy care center single mom support groups. Both our bible study and our mentoring are based on the exchanged life perspective of the bible. 


Life Assistance

It takes more than money to help single moms be successful in school and in parenting. For that reason, Hope for Single Moms wants every mom to have a mentor as part of her life assistance team.  This team serves as her second “family” and helps with the challenges life brings her way. See how your church can have a life assistance team.

Two of the greatest barriers to single moms returning to school are living and daycare expenses. After a family receives the social services it qualifies for and financial aid for school, Hope for Single Moms raises a Dream team of support. The Dream team commits to donating monthly to a specific family. This fills in the gap between the assessed need and the support received. Learn more about donating. FAQs about donating.

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