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The Hope for Single Moms Pillars

Education. Community. Mentoring. Life Assistance

Hope for Single Moms focuses on a career education, but also provides community, life assistance and mentoring. A wholistic program is essential for family success. That means every child should thrive. In order to do that, he/she needs nutritious food to grow well physically and then do well academically.

Family time is an important component of our program. You will never get these years back with your child/ren. While it will be hard, we want to make sure you get time to play or read or hang with your child.

We  also want you to reach your fullest potential. That means your student parent journey will look different from someone else’s. Sure, the basics are the same, but the details are different. Everyone needs love, encouragement and a little help at times. We’re so glad you’re here so we can encourage you on your journey.

Our FREE career consultation not only gives you a career path and goal, but we assess whether you are ready to be successful at school, parenting and  homework. We want you to have a firm foundation, so you have the best chance of success.

All moms get discouraged at times and need help. That’s why the saying,”It takes a village.” You’re not the only one struggling with parenting, especially if you’re doing it all alone. Let Hope for Single Moms help you achieve your goal of economic independence and have children who thrive!!

Our Pillars


Education is the key to being able to provide well for you and your child. A post-high school education will double your lifetime earnings.

College isn’t always the answer. There is a huge need for people in the trades. A trade certification gets you into the workforce faster and with less debt. You often make more than someone with a college degree. Our Discover Your Career curriculum helps you find your career path. It can be done with a mentor or in a group setting. If you don’t have a mentor or support group, schedule your career consultation with Carla. 

A better-paying job with daytime hours means

  • you won’t have to work extra evening hours and can be home at night with your child/ren.
  • you can buy good, nutritious food.
  • you can go to school events.
  • you can do something fun with them on the weekend.

Hope for Single Moms offers a FREE career consultation to find your best career path.


Are you working and parenting by yourself? Are you wondering if you’re doing it right? Does it sometimes seem like nothing you’re doing is working? If this describes you, you’re not alone. Most moms question whether they are doing a good job. I think we all need someone to talk to and encourage us.

Hope for Single Moms will connect you with a mentor/mentor team of 4, a single mom support group or a peer mentor.  We also have a variety of support volunteers.

For our HSM grads, those in our program and those financially stable single moms looking for community, there is a private Facebook page you can be invited to. There are monthly events, some family and some just for you. We hope you’ll build relationships with other single moms and be able to help each other out, especially with childcare.

Another goal is to have churches provide special events just for single moms, as well as family events.

If your church would like to start a single mom support group, we have a pdf of suggestions for them. Hope for Single Moms will also attend your initial meeting and help answer questions. Learn more.


ACADEMIC: Hope for Single Moms helps you determine the best college major or certificate program that matches your interests, talents, any post high school classes you’ve already taken and Dream job possibilities. All career consultation calls are FREE.  Schedule yours today. We also offer our “Discover Your Career”  curriculum for mentors and small groups.

EMOTIONAL: Hope for Single Moms provides you emotional support by providing you with a mentor once you are accepted into our program. You can call her for encouragement or parenting and any other life questions.

FINANCIAL: Hope for Single Moms helps you financially. Once accepted as a client, we will send you an initial budget sheet. That helps you see where $$ is coming in and going out. It also shows you and us any debts you may have. We will help you get rid of debt, so you can better focus on school.

A budget sheet also helps us see what your unmet financial need is. After your FAFSA has been submitted and all social services have been pursued, Hope for Single Moms raises a Dream team of financial support to help meet this need.

SPIRITUAL: Hope for Single Moms offers you the opportunity to connect with a church. We also offer spiritual counseling based on the exchanged life perspective of The Gospel.

Our “Why? for single moms” bible study is available for church and pregnancy care center single mom support groups. If you are working with a center or have a church you attend, let them know about Hope for Single Moms and our bible study.

Tribe/Life Assistance

A tribe is your “second” family or your village. It is usually associated with a church.

We know many of you are totally alone. Family and friends have abandoned you. As your “second” family, your tribe will include you in holiday celebrations and fun times. They also help with the challenges life brings your way.

As part of your life assistance, Hope for Single Moms conducts a back-to-school drive and holiday gift drive so you and your children can get what you need and celebrate the holiday.

Learn how your church can have a life assistance team.

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