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was my youngest daughter! I had the privilege of walking the single parent journey with her. This experience showed me how hard single parenting is. I learned about the barriers single moms have to just about anything and everything in life. It’s overwhelming! And then, there’s the stress of trying to pay bills. But most striking was seeing the isolation and loneliness of being a single mom.

My daughter and granddaughter moved away from Michigan when our granddaughter was nine months old. A year later, my husband and I offered our daughter the opportunity to go back to college.

Education is the key to helping single moms write their own Cinderella story and moving from poverty to prosperity!

Christina was so excited about going back to school! Wow! Could that be true for other single moms? But honestly, we aren’t independently wealthy. What could I do?

I tried to dismiss the thought. But God pursued me.  I really didn’t know what I could do. I researched what was available to help single moms. There was nothing available as a long-term solution.

The Hope for Single Moms program uses a teach-a-woman-to-fish approach. It is modeled after what support services would have helped my own daughter. As we continue to develop this program, I value input from YOU–people who have the single parent experience; people who help people get a career education.

We are also looking for people who have a vision for the future and want to impact single mom families. Consider volunteering to serve as a board advisor.

Carla & John Ludwig

Carla & John Ludwig

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