We help the children of single mom families thrive

by helping their moms get a career education!

Our program is for single parents who want to be full-time students in college or trade school.

We take single mom families out of high-risk poverty situations

and give them the resources they need to achieve economic independence and stronger, more stable families.

Scared? Overwhelmed? Lonely?

If this describes you, you’re not alone! Most single moms are. Our goal at Hope for Single Moms is to help you change that! We walk the student parent journey with you!

Hope for Single Moms isn’t for everyone. We’re all about helping you go back to school to get a career education once you have  housing. If you are ready to create your own Cinderella story, we’re ready to help!


Are you worried about paying your bills? A career education doubles your life time earnings. Find out if you’re ready to go back to school.


At Hope for Single Moms, we are determined that no single mom will walk the student parent journey alone. Your mentor and tribe (life assistance team) will help you with the challenges life brings your way. Learn more.


Our career consultation changes that. If you qualify to apply to our program, we help you develop a plan to go back to school and give you the tools you need to become financially self-sufficient. 

What if you could change two lives!

You can!

It takes a team–a Dream teama group of passionate monthly givers, who are determined to end childhood hunger and change lives–tribe–volunteers helping her do life–to help a single mom on her journey to financial self-sufficiency. Give her hope and encouragement on her student parent journey.

Hope for Single Moms isn’t for every single mom (or single dad). Our student parents must apply and qualify. For those who do, we offer hope and opportunities where otherwise there are none. It happens when you donate and volunteer. Help children in West Michigan thrive! Help these courageous moms on the road to financial self-sufficiency. See our client qualifications. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Join a single mom success story

and help her children thrive!

Want ideas on how to help a single mom?

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Hope for Single Moms Founder, Carla Ludwig

A Message From Our Director & Founder

Dr. Carla Engel Ludwig

We are honored you want to learn how to impact two generations. At Hope for Single Moms, we believe children are our future, but not all children are set up for success. In nearly half of single mom families, children live in poverty and are hungry.  Hungry children can’t focus on school.


Nearly half of single moms are making minimum wage. That doesn’t pay the bills, much less allow their children to thrive. According to US Labor statistics, a woman can double her lifetime earnings by getting a post high school education.


Loss of wages while in school and the cost of living and daycare expenses prevent many single moms from pursuing a career education. School, homework, parenting, and life can be overwhelming.


Become part of a movement empowering women.

The ways you can make a difference are endless.