When a single mom gets a career education, her children thrive!

Unlocking Potential in Children and Independent Mothers

Hope for Single Moms understands that it takes more than money to help single moms achieve their dream of financial self-sufficiency. That’s why we need you!

Our program provides a holistic approach that results in a real, long-term solution. It includes all aspects of family life and it takes a team to make that happen!

Join the fight against poverty and childhood hunger one family at a time.

Are you a single mom?
Do you need help?

Do you struggle to pay the bills?

A career education changes that.

That’s what Hope for Single Mom does. We help you go to college or trade school.

Find out if you qualify to apply below. 

Scared? Overwhelmed? Lonely?

Your Support Helps Women and Children Thrive

Join Hope for Single Moms in empowering single moms towards a brighter future. Whether through donations that fund vital educational programs or by volunteering your time to mentor, tutor, or support our events, your contribution has a direct impact. Together, we can provide the resources and encouragement single moms need to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

Our HSM Mission

To end poverty and childhood hunger in
single mom families in West Michigan.

Make a Difference!

Your support helps families (or children) thrive! Join Hope for Single Moms in providing hope and creating brighter futures for women and children. Your involvement provides opportunities for these families where otherwise there are none!

See The Impact Being Made

Our Events

Upcoming Events

By attending, sponsoring, or volunteering at our events, you help us provide the necessary resources for single moms in West Michigan to pursue their education and career goals, ensuring a brighter future for them and their children

Fashion for a Future 2024

SEPTEMBER 26, 2024

Join us for a dazzling evening of fashion and inspiration at Fashion for a Future! Experience the glamour of the runway and the sophistication of style, all while celebrating the joy of possibility and the hope it inspires. Don’t miss this enchanting night where dreams come alive and futures are fashioned.

Tickets are $50 per person.

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