When a single mom gets a career education

her children thrive!!


end poverty and childhood hunger in single mom families in West MI!

We provide single moms with resources to get a career education!

JOIN US! in giving hope for a better future!!

Are you a single mom? Do you need help?

Scared? Overwhelmed? Lonely?

If this describes you, you’re not alone! Most single moms are. If you’re struggling to pay the bills, and the thought of going back to school is overwhelming, you’re at the right place. Hope for Single Moms walks the student parent journey with you!

We change lives by helping you get a career education.

We want you to make sure you are successful. That means having all your ducks in a row so you can concentrate on school. Download our client qualifications.

If you don’t qualify, there are many wondeful nonprofits in West Michigan that help you do that. Check for local resources. Once you qualify, you can apply to be in our program.

We know there are a lot of needs out there. Unfortunately, we are not able to financially assist women/families not in our program. We do not help:

  • you get housing.
  • provide emergency funds for rent or utilities.
  • provide a mentor.


YOU can change two generations!

Moms at Breakfast


VOLUNTEERS transform our families!

Whether it’s working directly with a family or helping us out at Hope for Single Moms, nothing happens without YOU! That’s because we are 100% volunteer staffed.

You can volunteer in whatever way works with your schedule–weekly or on an on-call basis!

Have fun, make friends, make a difference and leave a legacy!

Do you know a single mom but are unsure how to help her? Download our suggestions on how you can change her world.

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Hope for Single Moms Founder, Carla Ludwig

A Message From Our Director & Founder

Dr. Carla Engel Ludwig

Nearly half of single moms are making minimum wage. That doesn’t pay the bills, much less allow their children to thrive. A woman can double her lifetime earnings by getting a post high school education.


Loss of wages while in school and the cost of living and daycare expenses prevent many single moms from getting a career education. Your donation provides for these needs while in school.


School, homework, parenting is overwhelming. Your gift of time changes that! Be part of her support when you volunteer directly with a HSM family.


Become part of a movement empowering women.

The ways you can make a difference are endless.