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Are you saying, “Oh no! I’m pregnant!” Finding out you have an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming and takes time to adjust to. That’s why you have nine months laughing

Hope for Single Moms knows there are many unknowns. And that’s really scary, isn’t it? But you don’t have to figure it out alone

If you are in college, that’s even scarier. You don’t know if you can parent AND go to school. That’s why we’re here.

Do you know that Hope for Single Moms was started as a result of our founding director’s journey with her own daughter. She became pregnant during her freshman year of college. After having her daughter and taking another year off college, she went back to college. She graduated and so can you! If you are pregnant and in college, call us at 616-485-7594 to learn more about how we can help you be a student parent.

Regardless of whether you are currently in college or not, there are support organizations and financial assistance to help you during this time. Please click on the links below. If you need someone to talk to, give us a call. 616-485-7594.

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