Prevention or treatment? Which is better? When it comes to healthcare, both are needed. But what about poverty? Does poverty early in childhood affect a child’s long-term well-being?

The answer, according to research, is ‘Yes!’ Poverty early in life has been linked to behavioral problems and lower IQ scores as early as age 5. Chronic stress is a contributing factor in the link between childhood poverty and lower levels of working memory. According to a recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics, toxic stress in early childhood can lead to permanent changes in the structure and function of the brain; these brain alterations can “create a weak foundation for later learning, behavior, and health”.

Obviously, programs that add resources aimed at improving the well-being of poor children and their families today is key. Hope for Single Moms is one of those resources.

Your donations provide the resources these children need TODAY to grow up healthy. Your donations don’t put a bandaid on a problem, but give these parents a clear path to financial self-sufficiency. It also gives them peace of mind, which decreases their stress and therefore, the toxic environment for children.

The estimated economic cost of child poverty is more than $500 billion a year. Your donations TODAY changes children’s’ TOMORROW! Hope for Single Moms- transforming lives one family at a time! Donate Now!