What’s Included?

Become a Beacon of Hope with the Mentor Training Handbook

  • Lesson 1: Why Can’t I Find A Good Partner? – Explore the biblical foundations and personal reflections on relationships.
  • Lesson 2: Why Do I Yell At My Kids? – Understand emotional triggers and learn faith-based approaches to parenting.
  • Lesson 3: Why Do I Act Like My Mom? – Break generational patterns through spiritual awareness.
  • Lesson 4: Why Do I Get So Mad? – Manage anger and other strong emotions with biblical teachings.
  • Lesson 5: Why Can’t I Say Or Do That? – Align actions and words with faith principles.
  • Lesson 6: Does God Really Care About Me? – Deepen your understanding of God’s love and care.
  • Lesson 7: Why Am I So Dumb? – Overcome feelings of inadequacy through God’s promises.
  • Lesson 8: Who Am I? – Discover your true identity in Christ.