What’s Included?

Learn to Thrive with Discover Your Career!

  • Session One: Discover Your Motivation – Identify your personal goals and dreams.
  • Session Two: Discover Your Barriers – Recognize and tackle obstacles that may impede your progress.
  • Session Three: Discover Your Likes – Explore your interests and passions to find a fulfilling career.
  • Session Four: Discover Careers – Match your interests with potential career paths.
  • Session Five: Discover How You Learn Best & Your Job Preferences – Understand your learning style and job preferences to make informed decisions.
  • Session Six: Discover Your School Type – Choose between college and trade school options.
  • Sessions Seven and Eight: Discover Your Trade School – Dive into specific programs and apprenticeships that suit your career goals.
  • Session Nine: Discover Your Winning Combination and Expenses – Plan your career and financial path.
  • Session Ten: Discover Resources – Find community resources and support to help you succeed.