Program Highlights

Become a Beacon of Hope with the Mentor Training Handbook

  • Introduction to Mentoring: Understand the importance of mentoring, the qualifications required, and what mentoring means at Hope for Single Moms.
  • Establishing a Positive Relationship: Learn how to build trust, set boundaries, and establish a strong, supportive relationship with your mentee.
  • Effective Communication: Master the do’s and don’ts of communication to ensure productive and respectful interactions.
  • Empowering Mentees: Utilize step-by-step guides for meaningful meetings, including goal-setting sessions, life assessments, and SMART goal worksheets.
  • Mentor-Mentee Agreement: Create a mutual understanding and commitment to the mentoring relationship.
  • Activities to Do Together: Explore a variety of activities that can help strengthen your bond and support your mentee’s growth, from school-related tasks to fun outings.
  • Providing Feedback: Learn how to give and receive feedback effectively to foster a constructive and supportive environment.
  • Understanding the Mentor’s Role: Recognize the benefits of mentoring, both for the mentee and the mentor, including personal growth, community leadership, and spiritual fulfillment.