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Do you have single moms in your church?

Are there single mom families in the community around your church?

Are you unsure how to minister to them?

Single mom families are a growing segment of our population. They’re in our churches and the communities around them.  Some have never been married. Others have husbands who have abandoned them or they have been widowed.

Two-thirds of single moms do not go to a church. Too often, it’s because they feel judged.

Your church or organization provides a great service when you start a single mom support group. Loneliness, isolation and a feeling of hopelessness plagues these women trying to do it all alone. A support group provides community–with other single moms and with women in the church, who can serve as mentors.

Here’s what a single mom’s day or days look like.

  • drop children off at daycare or school
  • go to work and work all day
  • pick the kids up from daycare and/or an after school program
  • go home to parent, make dinner, put the children to bed
  • start all over again the next day.

There is little, if any, opportunity for social interaction.

Consider providing a weekly meal and possibly, a monthly activity. This is organized by a Church Coordinator from the congregation and overseen by the Women’s Ministry. It is supported by childcare volunteers during the meal.

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