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Do you have single moms in your church?


Are there single mom families in the community

around your church?


Are you unsure how to minister to them?


Single mom families are a growing segment of our population, whether these women have never been married, have husbands who have abandoned them or they been widowed.

Single mom families are in our churches and in the communities around our churches.

Too often never-been-married moms feel judged by people in the church. Two-thirds of single moms do not go to a church for this reason.

You provide hope for eternity and demonstratingGod’s unconditional lavish love by unconditionally loving these families and telling them about salvation.

Loneliness, isolation and a feeling of hopelessness plagues these women trying to do it all alone. Single moms drop their children off at daycare, go to work, pick them up and go home to parent, make dinner, put the children to bed, and to start all over again the next day. There is little, if any, opportunity for social interaction.

A church that has a single mom support group provides community. By walking alongside single mothers, the church decreases the stress and isolation of single parenting by providing community with other single moms at a weekly meal and possibly, a monthly activity. This is organized by a Church Coordinator from the congregation and overseen by the Women’s Ministry. It is supported by childcare volunteers during the meal.

You provide hope for today. A single mom support group at your church lets these women know they are not alone.

Single mom dinners give these women opportunities to interact with other single moms and women in the church. Activities offer children the opportunity to interact with men in a positive way.

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