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How do you define success?

We define success in several ways at Hope for Single Moms.

  • Every woman who calls Hope for Single Moms has just taken the first step toward success.
  • Every woman we direct to area social services to build a firm foundation for her family has taken a step toward success.
  • Every woman who does a career consultation has set a goal for future job success.
  • Every church or organization that brings us in to do a Dream session has given their moms a step toward success.
  • Every mom who does our bible study, accepts salvation and finds healing from the past is a success.
  • And of course, every mom who enters our education program and graduates is a success.



Leslie came to Hope for Single Moms January 2017. She just found out she was pregnant. Her current job barely paid the bills. How could she afford a baby?

A former high school teacher told Leslie about Hope for Single Moms. The first time we met, Leslie was experiencing first trimester morning sickness and was tired. However, we knew she had the foresight and motivation to provide for her baby.

Leslie began her education in medical coding and billing in February 2017. Her son, Lincoln, was born June 26, 2017. Becoming a first-time parent is hard. But being a student parent is even harder.

During her week “off”, Leslie not only cared for her newborn son but kept up with her schoolwork. When she returned to school the following Monday, she turned in her homework from the previous week and took several tests.

She continued to get all A’s, took her certification test and graduated in August 2017. Leslie’s financial support team celebrated her achievement with a graduation dinner and gift card for new work clothes.

Leslie landed a job in late September at a large eye clinic. During that time, she furthered her education by enrolling in an online program for the next level of certification. You could find her doing homework on most of her lunch breaks.

Leslie is the epitome of the single moms we move from poverty to prosperity.

Leslie reading to her son



Kennedy was in college at GRCC when she learned she was pregnant. Hope for Single Moms met Kennedy in May 2017. She was referred to us by a friend of a friend of a friend of her mom’s. See how important it is to share the opportunities Hope for Single Moms has available.

Kennedy chose to work as a server and save money before Knox was born on July 12, 2017. Rather than immediately return to college that fall, Kennedy continued to work, so she could spend more time with her newborn son.

Hope for Single Moms prepared for Kennedy’s return to GRCC in January 2018 by getting together her Dream team of financial support. Then, she got the exciting news that she was accepted into the dental assisting program there. School became a full-time job for her.

She and HSM are very thankful for the donor who believed in Kennedy and HSM and donated to meet Kennedy’s unmet tuition need both semesters.

Knox enjoyed daycare at GRCC, where Kennedy got a generous partial scholarship for him. Bringing Knox to school oftentimes meant leaving the house by 6:45 am.– a long day for both as they finally headed home between 4 and 5 pm. After Knox went to bed, Kennedy did homework.

Hope for Single Moms is so proud of Kennedy, her hard work and her parenting. There is no doubt on our part that she will have a successful career.

Kennedy and her son on a Marry Go Round