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Changing the lives of 2 generations, impacting countless to come.

Hope for Single Moms has no paid staff. Without you, single moms are left to navigate life and school and parenting on their own. Without you, a single mom day is dropping their children off at daycare, going to work, picking up the kids, cooking dinner, helping with homework, bedtime and doing it all over again the next day and the next and the next. Without you, discouragement, loneliness and hopelessness sets in. WITH YOU, there’s hope. Hope for their future and their children’s futures.



  • Invite a single family to your family activity
  • Offer to babysit
  • Bring a meal over
  • Help with cleaning or laundry
  • Plan a single mom’s family event
  • Tutor
  • Teach a Life Skills class
  • Host a Dave Ramsey class
  • Host a Bible Study Group



  • Provide dinner with child care
  • Host a movie night
  • Help plan a family field trip
  • Host a Pamper Our Moms night
  • Host a single moms study group with child care
  • Host a single moms study group with child care
  • Mentor
  • Provide Transportation
  • Host a Be Transformed class

Possible Volunteer Positions

We know there are many wonderful nonprofits out there doing great things. Hope for Single Moms would be honored if you would choose to share your talents with us. Volunteer positions can be as needed (based on your availability), monthly or weekly. You can choose to volunteer with Hope for Single Moms or as part of a single mom life assistance team.

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