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Volunteers encourage our single moms

and help them write their Cinderella story!

They change the lives of TWO generations

and impact society for countless generations to come!


  • Hope for Single Moms has no paid staff. We depend on our volunteers like you. Wondering what volunteering looks like. Any way you want. Watch video.
  • There would be no mentors! Mentors double the likelihood that a single mom will finish school. Single moms would be left to navigate life and school and parenting on their own.
  • There would be no “second families.” Many single moms do not have support from their parents, siblings, or extended families. Become part of a life assistance team with one or two or several small groups at your church.
  • Discouragement, loneliness and hopelessness sets in. We all need encouragement, community and hope. Your volunteering increases the number of families served, and therefore, increases the impact we can have in changing West Michigan!

WITH YOU, single moms have HOPE.

HOPE for their future. HOPE for their children’s futures.

Volunteer with a single mom family

  • Mentor
  • Invite a single family for dinner or your family holiday
  • Babysit
  • Bring a meal over, especially during midterms or finals
  • Help with cleaning or laundry
  • Tutor
  • Teach a Life Skills class
  • Help with transportation
  • Offer a service, like an oil change

Volunteer with HSM


  • Accountant
  • Advisory Committee meets 3 times a year
  • Digital media marketer
  • Fundraising event
  • Lawyer
  • Social worker
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Website updates (word press)

For more information, contact Carla at carla@hsmgr.org or call her at 616-485-7594.

Looking forward to how together we can create local Cinderella stories!

Meet Jennifer Feuerstein

New board advisor

Meet Shannon Mulhanney

New board advisor

Hope for Single Moms helps moms and children dream

Your donation of time, talent and treasure helps those dreams come true.

We know there are many wonderful nonprofits doing great things in West Michigan. Hope for Single Moms would be honored if you would choose to share your talents with us. Email carla@hsmgr.org or call 616-485-7594 for more specifics on how you or your church can be involved in a single mom ministry.

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