to help us celebrate Mother’s Day!! JOIN US on May 7 for our Mommy & Me tea and dance. Single moms deserve to be celebrated. But too often, their children are too young to make it happen. That’s where you come in!! What can you do? So glad you asked.

  • Attend the event. Purchase tickets for $10 pp.
  • Give them a gift to take home. Purchase an item for the moms’ swag bags.
  • Don’t leave the kids out!! Purchase an item for the children’s swag bags.
  • Volunteer at the event. Volunteer opportunities include craft tables, face painting and more. Sign up.

Too often the daughters of single moms get left out of Daddy-Daughter dances because unfortunately, many of them don’t have dads active in their lives. That’s why our event includes the opportunity for boys and girls alike, to hit the dance floor with their moms. We’re looking for song suggestions and a DJ to help us out. Equipment is already there. Contact us on the sign up page.

A special thanks to our event partner, The Harris Building, for helping with our Mother’s Day celebration!