What do you do all day? Has anyone ever asked you that? Regardless of whether I was home with six children or am home working with single moms, I get asked that question. And I guess my answer now is the same as my answer was back then. I help my clients (kids, in the past) set goals for themselves, for their children, journey with them as they work to achieve those goals and help with the challenges life brings their way.

That’s it?! That’s it in a nutshell. But it’s so much more! It’s phone calls and texts, encouragement, parenting advice, birthdays, Christmas, books and tuition, car issues, graduation and celebrating! Sound familiar. Yes, working with single moms IS like loving your daughter.

But as a founding director, I add to the list of what I do– newsletters, fundraising, events, social media, volunteers.

Whether I am a mom, a grandma or a single mom mentor, I get hugs, smiles and take great pride in the achievements of my “daughters and grands.” And you will, too!

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