Every man and woman is born into the world to do something unique and something distinctive and if he or she does not do it, it will never be done. Benjamin E. Mays.

What has God called you to do? Have you ever thought about some unique gift only you can offer the world? It’s kind of awesome and daunting to think about, isn’t it!

How about parenting? You might think parenting is a normal part of life. Not everyone gets to be a parent. You might not think it is something special or unique. It is.

Are you a parent with grown children? Do your children call you up for advice? That is something unique and special.

Some of our moms have parents they can call. Others do not. Some have been brought up with good parenting. Others have had no parenting to model their own parenting after. You could be that model, that mentor.

Your experience as a parent gives you valuable information to share with a new parent. She can learn from your successes, trial and errors. As a mentor, you offer a perspective on her life, her child and parenting that she may not see. You may see inconsistencies in her parenting and be able to encourage her to follow through on what she says. After all, advice from someone other than mom is usually better received, isn’t it?

We all experience discouragement while parenting. Things you wish you would have said better; things you wish you hadn’t said. You’ve been there so you can be her biggest cheerleader. She will especially need your encouragement as she takes on the role of student parent.

Listening. Have you ever thought that listening is a ministry, a necessary part of the mentoring process? I have had the privilege of serving as a mentor for a few of our moms. There is GREAT value in listening, listening without comment, judgment. Women process out loud. You can help her think through things.

Have you ever needed to vent? Our moms need someone safe they can talk to…or even yell at. They need an adult to listen, to be there for them and to see them at their worst and still love them.

As you build trust with your mom, you will be able to help her grow personally. You may point out areas she needs to set boundaries. The role of a mentor is as variable as the role of a parent. Raising children is never easy. Each one unique. Each one with special gifts and special challenges. Our moms are no different.

Join a single mom success story. It really is like loving your daughter.