Hope for Single Moms often gets asked the question, “Why can’t they just do what it takes?”

If you’ve been to college or trade school, ask yourself the question, “How much free time did I have after going to class, studying and perhaps, working part time? Not much, right? Now add, caring for a child or children during that time.

If you parent with a spouse or significant other, you know it’s hard with two of you. Now add study time to parenting on top of cooking, cleaning, etc.

Ever wish you had more hours in your day?
You give single moms the gift of time when you volunteer to babysit, to bring a meal, do a load
of laundry.

The way our laws are in Michigan, single moms are penalized financially for going back to school.

Here’s why they can’t just do what it takes.

Loss of income

 If single moms go to school during the day, when they have daycare, they lose wages.
 If a single mom gets child support AND goes to school during the day, she loses child support during her school time hours.

Hope for Single Moms helps with the loss of income because of donors like you.
Your donations of money remove the financial barrier to a career education and break the cycle of poverty for generations to come

Unavailability of evening childcare
 Even with daytime classes, single moms need evening study time. Hope for Single Moms offers evening study halls with childcare because of volunteers like you.
 Some college classes require a student to attend a guest speaker’s lecture in the evening.
 Many colleges offer evening classes, but no childcare is available.
 Online classes are more expensive but can be done after children are in bed.

Hope for Single Moms has an approved babysitter list because of volunteers like you. Your donation of time removes the daycare barrier to a career education and the cycle of poverty.

Join a single mom success story today.