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Become a world changer!

Change the world for a single mom family forever!

We all want happy, healthy, thriving children!  But for nearly half of the children in single mom families, that isn’t going to happen. They live in poverty and don’t get enough food. They can’t focus in school.

You can change that.

Without good nutrition early in life, children don’t develop the foundational skills necessary to do well in school.

You can change that!

Your donation helps provide good food today, and give a single mom the opportunity to provide good food tomorrow!

Whether you donate money or time to a single mom family,

the cycle of poverty will be broken.

Learn more about our latest family need.

Meet Dr. Tom & Mrs. Cynthia Matelic

Single moms struggle with juggling work, school, daycare and a million other issues. This organization helps with all of that. Once a mom finishes school, she can get a much better, higher-paying job and thus, her children will thrive. That’s the point! We need to raise educated, happy children who will grow up and have their dreams come to fruition. This organization is a great start in order to help with our whole society.


Your investment of money and time is about creating opportunities, where otherwise there are none.

Change society for countless generations to come.

HOPE FOR SINGLE MOMS only happens with the generosity of our donors and volunteers! Thank you!

You directly impacted six families, including seventeen children in 2022. Two of our courageous moms graduated in 2022. Despite inflation, you donated more in 2022 than any other year!! We are so grateful!!

Enjoy the smiles you will see in our 2022 Annual Report. Click to change pages. Click to see e-book. Share with a friend and/or download.

How do you see yourself creating more opportunities for single mom families in 2023?

Graphs showing the effects of poverty on children
Poverty and its effect on foundational skills

Poverty and its effect on academic performance

Overview of Hope for Single Moms

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